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“I improved in my grades and studying is not a chore to me anymore.”

“Mind Edge replaced my negative little voices to words that uplifted my morale; rather than saying ‘my worst subject’, I now say, ‘my most challenging subject’. This is all about being positive and having the right mindset to learn.”

Initially seen as someone who thought that this would be something not worth my time to someone who has turned around for the better, I now proudly say that Mind Edge has helped me tackle my challenges in a right way. It is the positive environment that livened up the class and made it a fun learning experience.

One of the significant improvements I have made would be with regards to my personal development. I once had low self-esteem and was a little quiet, but now I am more confident with myself, I believe in myself that I can do many things if I just put in the effort. I used to fear of going up on stage in front of many people to speak but now it has become a piece of cake walk. In addition, with effective time table planning methods, I now know when to play and work and have a healthy life style. Mind Edge has really enhanced my learning, time management skills and confidence. I proudly say that Mind Edge has indeed helped me shorten my study time. Last but not least, I would like to thank my parents for having signed me up for Mind Edge!

- Tobias Yap,
-Graduate of FUNtastic™ Achievers Programme

“Mind Edge made me realise that learning can be FUN”

Mind Edge is not like any tuition centre like most people think as the things they teach here includes more than just Academics. The moral values and study techniques that the trainers have imparted in me shall remain with me forever. Mind Edge made me realise that learning can be FUN as our trainers engaged us through team building activities that not only honed our presentation skills but made us become more confident.

Our dedicated and passionate trainers have helped us to focus better through laser sharp focus techniques and also enlightened us with the Do’s and Don’ts while studying. And my results also improved as I applied the memory and other techniques to learn effectively. I’m glad to say that now I know the clear difference between work and play!

Success is just not only about Academics but also about having a sound character and a good attitude in all aspects of life. And Mind Edge gave me the edge to do well both in studies and in life.

Thanks to Mind Edge! Now, I’m proud to say that I can handle my time well and I’ve enough time to study efficiently, and also prime time to rest. I have also learned to correct myself from mistakes that I’ve made.


- Faith Chang,
-Graduate of FUNtastic™ Achievers Programme and Current student of Sec FA Programme

“Mind Edge has been a very fun and successful journey for me. I learnt new skills, forged new friendships and learnt some good values in life.”

“My confidence level is much higher than before. I’m able to do public speeches and I wish the course did not end so soon!”

“For my last term I improved 2As to 5As and most importantly my biology improved from an E8 to A1, achieving the top of the cohort for that particular subject I once constantly failed in.”

Just like most teens, I was also reluctant and unsure of whether such programmes would help me pull up my grades. But Mind Edge proved me wrong as I was enjoying myself with my classmates and most importantly, the positive environment made us open up more freely without any self-doubts. Thanks to my trainer who made us bond pretty fast with few icebreaker games. By then, I was more than willing to come every single week.

Mind Edge has helped me in many areas and I showed improvements with regards to maximising my attention span. After realising its effectiveness, I started practising at school too. And the wide range of memory techniques helped me in subjects that are mainly theory-based like Biology and History.

With all these essential memory techniques, I took lesser time to study, yet more effectively! Furthermore, I learnt some valuable time planning methods, so I could study more effectively in an organised manner. My self-esteem shot up to greater levels and I now can speak confidently in public. I also showed great improvements academically; I attained an astonishing cohort position of 8 out of 215 students. This was a big surprise to both me and my parents. Mind Edge has truly taught me how to learn it right!

- Aaron,
-Graduate of FUNtastic™ Achievers Programme

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