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“I was thrilled when the PSG in St Nick’s took the initiatives to organise Alan Yip’s workshop. I’d read his book and heard him on the radio and was excited to hear him in person. Indeed, Mr Alan Yip is very passionate and down to earth in addressing everyday issues. ”

- Ms Annie Sim,

“Laura attended Mind Edge 3 years ago when she was 6 years old. It was an excellent learning experience. The support and enthusiasm from the trainers at ME made a huge difference to Laura’s progress. She benefited from the memory techniques and is helping her in her academics. Over the months with ME, we noticed positive changes in Laura’s behavior. She was more focus and discipline in her work. She would volunteer to hug and kiss her mummy and daddy. We could sense her growing joy and confidence. I was especially impressed with her goal setting for which she would pen and paste on her wall. We thus thank ME for its dedicated team of trainers and its nurturing environment in motivating my child. It was no doubt that we choose ME once again for our son. A big thank you to ME for its excellent work. ”

- Mrs Lee,

“This workshop has enlightened me to the simple “do’s” in life that we often neglect. It has made me more conscious of my words and actions to my children to bring out the best in them. This was indeed a FUNtastic workshop, Thank you.”

- Norashikin Mohd-Noor,

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