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“Alan has topped himself with such a timely book. So many parents are worried and stressed about parenting and Alan is here to give us that confidence that parenting can be fun. In so doing, we will be FUNtastic parents!”

- Dr. Annie Koh,
Dean, Office of Executive and Professional Education
Singapore Management University

“Convinced by the positive results from the programme, I have arranged for all our staff to go through the programme so that they are equipped with this fundamental life skill for optimal performance.

All of us who attended your session unanimously agree that you are an excellent trainer able to value-add to your programme for the participants’ benefit. Your approach was refreshing. The course was an-opener, stimulating, enriching, lively, fun and exciting. It was a fruitful programme and time well spent.

Thanks Alan for the wonderful course! Wish I have known about this programme earlier. You have packaged together a unique brand of Memory programme that nobody can do without.”

- Mrs Caroline Loh,
Deputy Director / Library
Ngee Ann Polytechnic

“The session which impacts my memory most is the number of scenarios or behavioural actions of a child would command what type of parental response. Mr. Yip had a quite an analytical list of behavioural drawn out and the appropriate action for the parents to consider adopting or changing in order to keep a healthy and communicative relationship with your teens. This is indeed a beneficial session and good tools for any parents or even teachers to master. I also had given an insight of why second or middle child behaviour differs from the elder child. This is an important aspect as most family today has identical problem when they have two or more kids in the family. Most importantly, with this valuable understanding, a parent could react more positively toward eliminating sibling rivalry in the family subconsciously. Indeed parenting is a challenge task as it requires different type of responsive action at different stage of a child life. Such session will certainly give useful tips along the way.”

- Peter Paul,
Parent Support Group Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School

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