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9.30am - 5.30 pm | 11 - 12 June 2015
2-Day Mastermind at the Mind Edge Learning Academy

Take a look at what you’ll learn and how it will prepare your child for the PSLE


Cohesive Learning
Based on 3 Highly Successful PSLE Bootcamps

  • Mass lecture and studio practice format, every child will experience cohesive learning under a lead coach.
  • Following which they will break into smaller tutorial groups to refine their learning and to walk out feeling sure and confident with the knowledge acquired.

Strategic Exam Techniques
Precision Strategies So That You Don't Waste Precious Time

  • Pick out the gist of the examination questions and answer to the point
  • Succinctly distil an English passage and answer with precision. Eradicate the carelessness and complacency that cause students to miss out on that elusive 'A'.
  • Overcome your Math mental block with sustained focus so that you approach every sum confidently and know that you are stepping towards stellar results.

Additional Parenting Support

  • Your Success Gameplan to help you and your child beat exam stress, set effective goals and pave the way to great results.
  • Complimentary FUNtastic Parenting ebook (normally retails for $29.95) to assist both parents and children to prepare for this important next phase of your lives. The Funtastic Parenting ebook focuses on: understanding yourself as a parent, your needs, mastering communication skills, building loving and lasting relationships, nurturing positive self esteem in your child(ren), helping him/her achieve academic excellence and ultimately having FUN as a family

2-DAY Intensive Mastermind
11-12 June 2015 | 9.30 am - 5.30 pm

Venue: Mind Edge Learning Academy


Only $297 + GST per student