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For Students

Life Success Secrets for Teens

Power Speaking And Self-Esteem Programme

  • Research and understand your audience to build rapport quickly.
  • Unlock the secrets to speech organisation for Power Delivery.
  • Speak with confidence, clarity, and impact.
  • Learn the art of thinking under pressure.
  • Overcome FEAR and stage fright.
  • Internalise techniques of top speakers and successful people – speak with empathy and influence.
  • Sharpen active listening skills and gain the winning edge in oral exams and interviews.
  • Handle Q & A smartly.
Power Speaking And Self-Esteem Programme

Movers And Shakers Programme

  • Learn to be people-smart, money-smart and street-smart.
  • Develop a positive winning mind-set for life.
  • Dramatically enhance their relationships with parents, siblings, friends, classmates and teachers.
  • Acquire crucial conversation and power negotiation skills
  • Build total confidence to convert adversity into opportunity
  • Ignite a sense of relevance, urgency, and motivation to excel in school
  • Learn the secrets of the rich to do well by doing good
  • Ultimately, live a life of prosperity, fulfilment, meaning and significance
Movers And Shakers Programme

Life Success Secrets for Teens

Help your teen become a person of achievement, fulfilment, and character and shave off at least 10 years of counter-productive efforts, agony, and hard knocks.

There is no greater gift you can give your teen (Secondary to Tertiary Level):

1. Develop the Winner’s Brain of the future. To understand and use the full potential of your child’s capabilities. Build the winning mind-set, self-motivation and resilience by mastering the 8 “Win Factors” to achieve your ultimate life goals.


2. Communicate with confidence, stand out, and earn more money by increasing Word Power:  Acquire the most powerful and educated vocabulary for academic excellence and life success.


3. Gender Leadership – Learn the concepts and applications of how male and female leaders lead, resolve conflicts, persuade, solve problems, and communicate differently. This gives your teen a head-start in building social competence and leadership excellence. Develop your teen into a leader, not follower.


4. Become a powerful speaker and an effective communicator by mastering conversational and power speaking skills.  Ace the scholarship interview, university admission interview, and job / promotion interview.  Learn the art of small talks to build rapport and gain trust.


5. Build unstoppable confidence to believe in yourself and pursue your aspirations to reach your full potential.


6. Ultimately, live a life of success and significance by doing well and doing good.

Life Success Secrets for Teens

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