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Terms and Conditions:

1. DEFINITION: The following definition shall apply:

a. “Mind Edge” means Mind Edge Pte. Ltd. And all its related and associated companies/affiliates.
b. “Agreement” means the agreement between Mind edge and the client on the following terms and
conditions relating to the Program and the relevant student’s enrolment and participation therein including
the terms and condition herein.
c. “Client” means the party/parties stated on the Enrolment Form.
d. “Program” means one of the programs offered by Mind Edge as indicated by the class code in the
Enrolment Form.
e. “Investment” means the fees payable for the relevant Program.

2. COMMITMENTS: Mind Edge is committed to :

a. Conduct the Program in a professional manner at the venue as specified on the Enrolment Form, subject to

Clause 3

b. Use certified trainers to conduct the Program

c. Ensure the student participant is competent with the techniques and skills taught in the Program; and

d. Provide an environment that is conducive to learning and in the best interest of the student participant’s

safety and well-being.

3. ALTERNATIVE CLASS SCHEDULE: In the event that the minimum number of students (6) per class is not

4. PAYMENT: The Client shall pay the Investment amount in full at the time of signing the Enrolment Agreement.

5. REFUND: A NO REFUND policy applies for all enrolments. Deposits, if any, will be valid for three (3) months


a. Any requests for replacement class for students should provide a Medical Certificate or (in case of

compulsory school events) an Official School Letter. Failure to provide the necessary documentation

constitutes forfeiture of the lesson.

b. The maximum number of replacement classes for each student is three (3), during the entire FUNtastic®

Achievers Program (inclusive of Foundation and Advance). An administrative fee of S$180 (before GST)

per additional sit-in replacement class will be imposed if the student exceeds the maximum of three (3).*

c. In the event that student fails to turn up for the sit-in replacement class, it will be deemed forfeited.

7. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: The Client acknowledges and agrees that all intellectual property rights in the

Program and its materials and any other trade secrets, proprietary and/or confidential information or data are the sole

property of Mind Edge. Furthermore, the Client acknowledges and agrees that he/she will receive no right, title or

interest of any nature in the said intellectual property other than the non-exclusive use of the Program materials

solely for the purpose of participating in the Program. The Client must not, nor permit or allow any other party to

copy, translate, extract, summarize, adapt, distribute and/or reproduce any of the Program materials or any other

proprietary and/or confidential information of Mind edge or use of such materials or information for any authorized


8. BENEFITS: The Client acknowledges and agrees that the benefits that the student will gain as a result of the

Program will depend upon the efforts and capabilities of the student. Mind edge provides each student with

opportunities to participate to his/her potential.

9. ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGES: An administrative charge of S$180 (before GST) will apply for any

amendments made pursuant to the request/s made by the undersigned including without limitation, re-scheduling of

any complimentary workshops, changing of class timing and deferral of class.

10. All decisions made by Mind Edge are FINAL.

*In the event that a student is not able to agree to the dates and times of the replacement class more than 3 times,

that student shall be deemed to have forfeited the class.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of this agreement.



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