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We Understand You

We are the pioneers in gender intelligence within Asia Pacific.

Backed by more than 20 years of neuro-research, we have a deep understanding of how the human brain works and how the power of the mind can be tapped.

More significantly, we are the only gender experts in Asia Pacific, able to train males and females more effectively, simply because we understand how their brains learn differently.

Our gender science training methodologies have been validated across 30 cultures and provide a strong foundation for your learning and development.

Each of our programmes is tailored with one key objective in mind:

To help you reach your full potential

Our gender intelligence techniques leverage on the differences between the male and female brains.  We optimise your learning experience by training you in ways which complements and aligns with the physiological workings of your brain.

Complementing these techniques are core concepts such:

  • Mind Edge’s proprietary Memory Expert System™ which have been proven to enhance data retention and recall by more than 50%
  • ME Edge™ peak performance techniques and life skills
  • Dr. Paul McGhee’s humour intelligence system – the only humour research programme that is funded by the U.S. government

You should learn in a well-balanced, healthy and holistic environment.  You should seek fulfilment, not just academic excellence.   You should develop life-long skills, not just quick fixes.

We present to you a truly innovative learning experience at Mind Edge.

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