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Alan Yip’s Life Story

Alan struggled through his primary school, failing his tests and examinations.  Each time he failed, he felt like a loser.  By the time he reached secondary school, he was trailing behind in his schoolwork.  He was frustrated, angry and felt close to giving up.  He wanted to walk away from it all.

But his mother refused to give up on him.  She encouraged him with her love, her patience and most importantly, her unwavering belief in him.  She told him that he will be a success. In the quiet of his room, he repeated those words, over and over again.

Renewed, he applied himself to his studies once again.  He persevered; it was not easy but he told himself that every little step counted as an achievement.  His first breakthrough came when he won the Fulbright scholarship.  Three years later, Alan graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Franklin College of Indiana, U.S.A, obtaining a first in each of his triple-majors – Business, Economics and Computer Information Science.

He knew that he could not have achieved all these without two critical factors:  his mother’s belief in his potential and her dedication to creating a supportive, positive family environment for him; and his own determination that he can create a future for himself.

That has shaped the guiding principles of Mind Edge.

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