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with Alan Yip

Shine Through To Your New Destiny

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A -Attract

  • How can you attract success in every aspect of life?
  • How do develop positive attitude
  • The three steps to adding value
  • Aim high and think big


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B – Believe to Achieve

  • How to develop the power of self-belief
  • How can you overcome your limiting beliefs?
  • The Swish Pattern and the 18-40-60 Rule
  • What to do when other people judge you negatively


TALK 3 Download here.

R – Risk More

  • Why do most people play it safe
  • Is comfort zone actually danger zone?
  • How do you jump out of your comfort zone?
  • How to overcome your fear and take a lea


TALK 4 Download here.

E – Energy for Life

  • Secret to high energy
  • How to raise high-energy and healthy children
  • How to get your child’s energy up for effective learning
  • Effects of our thoughts and language on energy level


TALK 5 Download here.

A – Act

  • What is the critical difference between success and failure
  • How to start taking action
  • What are the biggest obstacles people face in the pursuit of dreams?
  • How can you start cultivate important values and qualities


TALK 6 Download here.

K -Know YourSelf

  • Who are you?
  • The top 7 qualities of successful people
  • The important of values to your success
  • Parent as the most important role model


TALK 7 Download here.

T – Talk with Confidence

  • How do confident and impactful communicators talk?
  • Is small talk really small?
  • What can parents do to help their children speak up?
  • How to teach children to express their feelings


TALK 8 Download here.

H – Honour Your Past

  • How to heal the negative memories of the past
  • How do you forgive?
  • Who must you forgive?
  • How can you start feeling good about yourself?


TALK 9 Download here.

R – Rewrite Your Life Story

  • How to embark on a new life journey
  • Alan Yip’s personal story
  • Breakthrough action steps for students
  • Advice for parents


TALK 10 Download here.

O – Optimize Your Life

  • How to optimize your thinking
  • Must we work hard all the time?
  • How can students optimize their learning effectiveness
  • How to optimize your relationships with your loved ones


TALK 11 Download here.

U – Unleash The Power of Positive Emotions

  • Steps to manage feelings that seem unmanageable
  • 10 most empowering emotions
  • The Inner Smile Technique
  • Best practices in emotional mastery


TALK 12 Download here.

G – Grow Through Challenges

  • How important are challenges to the meaning of life?
  • How to keep setbacks in the proper perspective
  • Action steps to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones
  • How can parents encourage children to try


TALK 13 Download here.

H – Have Some Fun

  • How to bring fun back to your Family
  • How to make learning more fun
  • How to maintain optimistic outlook life
  • How parenting can be made more fun


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