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Get The Winning Edge


“Small differences in ability can lead to enormous differences in results.”

-  The Winning Edge Concept


TALK 1:  Boost Your Memory Power Download here.

  • Why do we forget?
  • How can we remember well?
  • How can students boost their memory power for exam success?
  • The Body LOCI Technique


TALK 2:  Unleash the Power of Multiple Intelligence Download here.

  • How is Multiple Intelligence different from the traditional concept of intelligence?
  • What are the other modes of intelligence?
  • 3 steps to maximising your child’s potential
  • How can students apply Multiple Intelligence to learn more effectively?


TALK 3:  Beat Stress and Enjoy It Download here.

  • How to reduce stress at work
  • How can students deal with exam anxiety?
  • What can parents do to reduce the exam stress and fear in their child?
  • How to conquer worry and to relax


TALK 4:  Turbo-Charge Your Concentration Download here.

  • What are the barriers to concentration?  How to overcome them?
  • Other strategies to help students improve concentration?
  • Applying the concept of concentration to achieve more at work and in life
  • Advice for parents


TALK 5:  Double Your Productivity and Have Extra Time Download here.


  • Where should we start in managing our time?
  • Tools to increase your productivity
  • Secrets to getting more done
  • How can students best prepare for their exams now?


TALK 6:  Solve and Love Problems Download here.

  • Why is it important to learn to embrace or even love problems?
  • How to solve problems more effectively
  • Specific benefits of teaching children the skill of problem solving
  • How to enhance your child’s problem-solving capabilities




TALK 7:  Make Your Own Good Luck Download here.

  • Are some people just lucky?
  • Principles or methods to improve your luck
  • How to create and notice more chance opportunities
  • How to deal with the so-called bad luck


TALK 8:  Think Like A Genius Download here.

  • Where do we start in thinking more effectively?
  • How to think like a genius
  • Obstacles to thinking effectively
  • Strategies to help you to move ahead of the pack


TALK 9:  Help Your Child Think Like A Genius Download here.

  • Is genius born or made?  Nature vs. nurture?
  • Key strategies and qualities of genius for children to model
  • The importance of questioning to            thinking and problem-solving
  • How to encourage the genius potential in your child


TALK 10:  Develop A Sense of Urgency – NOW Download here.

  • Definition of urgency
  • How to keep students motivated to learn
  • How should we introduce a sense of urgency into our lives?
  • Concluding thoughts


TALK 11:  Develop A Winning Attitude Download here.

  • What is the one change in your life you must make?
  • What shapes our attitude?
  • How to start cultivating a winning attitude to achieve breakthrough results
  • Specific attitudes that we must develop to be successful and happy


TALK 12:  Influence with Heart  Download here.

  • How can we manage the circle of influence around us?
  • How to positively influence others
  • Helping kids and teens influence their parents to say YES to their requests
  • Helping parents influence their child to be respectful and appreciative


TALK 13:  Live While Alive  Download here.

  • Why don’t some people win the game of life?
  • Keys to attaining success and happiness
  • Helping kids and teens become winners in school and in life
  • Alan’s parting comments

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